D/P/I ~ Ad Hocc


“Ad Hocc” was intended to be listened to on 6 speaker systems (6 stereo pairs = 12 speakers) simultaneously. Unfortunately, that experience is saved for those who bought the original USB card. I was not planning on releasing a “digital” (online) version of “Ad Hocc”, but, as it is my favorite D/P/I release, I am offering this un-expanded edition, set up to play on only 2 speaker systems (2 stereo pairs = 4 speakers). I hope you enjoy nonetheless.” – D/P/I

“Indeed, the intended flexible listening experience of Ad Hocc does emphasize the goal of D/P/I’s axiomatic language being a rearrangeable, modular faculty. Like his visual style — images loosely associated on a white background — the record’s reprogrammability opens up the listening experience as being inherently non-oppressive. Although there is binary division occurring between the “fundamental” and “supplementary” subsets, their rearrangement diminishes any experience being a “quintessential” one; rather, all are opportunities. Ad Hocc becomes a total meditation on D/P/I’s use of material, a consideration of how they interact, a study of their inherently structural design, and ultimately, a defense of their accelerated, gorgeously spontaneous performance.” – Tiny Mix Tapes