Nicola Ratti ~ Pressure Loss

“A devastating pulse runs throughout, acting as a basin for a world of strange syncopated rhythms caught amid sonar blips, ghostly serrated hi-hats and dripping stalactites. The fluttering melodies that creep around the compositions’ edges sound like a tentative and childlike version of grime’s simple but visceral paranoid hooks.
There is in fact very little that is conventional about Ratti’s music. There is pace and pulse but only the most oblivious or bloody minded dancer could keep moving to it. While Nicola’s sonic vision occasionally encroaches on territory reminiscent of Pierre Schaeffer jamming over a old Hype Williams cd-r, there is a trove of isolatory emotion, brooding tension and even playful intent to be gleaned from the enveloping tones of ‘Pressure Loss’. Ratti has here created an absorbing world of rhythmic idiosyncrasies, otherworldly tonal experiments, minimalist moments of beauty, and understated environments of menace and suspense.”