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Gonzo ~ Dies Irae


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“Dies Irae (aka latin hymn sung in a mass for the dead) explores the themes of religion, sects, cults and judgement day. It unapologetically stitches together field recordings, sound generators, random loops and ‘unfinished’ compositions to accompany weird spoken word moments or uncorrectable views and opinions.
It kick started the self penned Gonzo collage style and wether you like or not he’s been at it ever since.
Featuring spiritual leaders, enlightened gurus, cult leaders and good old fashion lunatics.
Guest appearances by Jim Jones, David Koresh and Harold Camping among others. Iain Chambers plays guitars when you hear one.”

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Tongues of Light ~ Channelled Messages At The End Of History

“Demdike and Votel’s label delivers this incredible, ancient-but-modern sound collage painstakingly constructed over a number of years out of Youtube samples – total mind-bender this one, somewhere between New Age meditation tape and the sound of your nightmares…”

1. Healing Side

2. Awakening Side