Terre Thaemlitz ~ Comp x Comp


“A compilation of electroacoustic and ambient tracks released on compilations over the years. Tracks listed in alphabetical order. Contains the previously unreleased “Mille Glaces.000-009,” a series of ten audio shorts intended for release in an anniversary compilation for the label Mille Plateaux (DE), which I believe was cancelled during the 2003 bankruptcy. In keeping with the “Mille Plateaux” theme, “Mille Glaces” (or “One Thousand Layers”) is generated using one thousand 1-minute audio excerpts from the Mille Plateaux catalog. “Mille Glaces.000” is a digital mix of 1000 layers of audio heard simultaneously. “Mille Glaces.001-009” are recordings of my computer crashing as it attempts to play the same files in realtime (a Power Macintosh 7100 with Sound Designer II card).
See individual “track credits” for original release information, as well as “about this album” for details about themes and production techniques. Cover photo is an excerpt from the photo series “Interstices,” from the album of the same name. Produced, mixed and arranged by T. Thaemlitz (BMI).” > Comatonse Recordings