Angel Bat Dawid ~ The Oracle

“Composer, clarinetist, singer & spiritual jazz soothsayer Angel Bat Dawid descended on Chicago’s jazz & improvised music scene just a few years ago. In very short time, the potency, prowess, spirit & charisma of her cosmic musical proselytizing has taken her from relatively unknown improviser to borderline ubiquitous performer in Chicago’s avant-garde. On any given night you can find Angel adding aura to ensembles led by Ben LaMar Gay, or Damon Locks, or Jaimie Branch, or Matthew Lux, or even, on a Summer night in 2018, onstage doing a woodwind duo with Roscoe Mitchell. For her recorded debut on International Anthem, The Oracle, we’ve chosen to release a batch of tracks that Angel created entirely alone – performing, overdubbing & mixing all instruments & voices by her self – recorded using only her cell phone in various locations, from London UK to Cape Town RSA, but primarily from her residency in the attic of the historic Radcliffe Hunter mansion in Bronzeville, Southside, Chicago.”

© International Anthem

All instruments & voices by Angel Bat Dawid
except drums on “Cape Town” by Asher Simiso Gamedze.


Terre Thaemlitz ~ Comp x Comp


“A compilation of electroacoustic and ambient tracks released on compilations over the years. Tracks listed in alphabetical order. Contains the previously unreleased “Mille Glaces.000-009,” a series of ten audio shorts intended for release in an anniversary compilation for the label Mille Plateaux (DE), which I believe was cancelled during the 2003 bankruptcy. In keeping with the “Mille Plateaux” theme, “Mille Glaces” (or “One Thousand Layers”) is generated using one thousand 1-minute audio excerpts from the Mille Plateaux catalog. “Mille Glaces.000” is a digital mix of 1000 layers of audio heard simultaneously. “Mille Glaces.001-009” are recordings of my computer crashing as it attempts to play the same files in realtime (a Power Macintosh 7100 with Sound Designer II card).
See individual “track credits” for original release information, as well as “about this album” for details about themes and production techniques. Cover photo is an excerpt from the photo series “Interstices,” from the album of the same name. Produced, mixed and arranged by T. Thaemlitz (BMI).” > Comatonse Recordings


Iku ~ Fugue: Some Temporal Patterns Other Than the Forward March


“.. The listener might imagine theirself in a teenage bedroom, suddenly realizing their frame of reference is arbitrary, surrounded by a vast, unknown space that is neither inside or outside. On closer inspection, the familiar objects that inhabit the room seem made of alien materials. Sometimes, a familiar sound appears, but there is something uncanny; how much of this sound memory is real? Using inventive, associative sampling a new vocabulary arises, an intimate trompe l’oreille, an impossible object where components blend, their boundaries becoming fuzzy – where it is no longer clear where one object ends and another one begins.
“Fugue” is a multi-component musing on recursive timelines, non-linear appearances and knotted self-modifying patterns. The construction and internal logic is suggestive of the never-ending process of correction, necessitated by the realisation that one-time lucid narratives turn out to be pure falsifications in retrospect. About an eternal unfolding, a continuous new creation of new spaces, new frames, new rooms to make sense of new realisations and contradictions, in her words a “repetition ~ leading back to its own beginning, initiating its own interruption, its own standstill. Immanent and intrinsic becoming, simultaneously frightening and comforting ~ a cheerful failure.”