Held ~ 8​.​20


“DISPLAYSOL002 comes courtesy of Held, the latest project to emerge from Kid Smpl’s ever-expanding universe. 8.20 is organized into four quadrants, a slowly growing field of sound constantly riffing on natural and digital ecologies. 
Built on a language of dissonant euphoria, the first half of the release, titled “Click Anatomy”, skews between legibility and anguished melancholy with ghostly visages entering the fray and leaving just as quickly. “The Hatch” and “First Collab + Fanuc Drum Solo” build out 8.20’s second half with Held exploring deeper ecstatic veins and insectile internal rhythms. 
As an introductory statement, 8.20 strays away from the solid for a more fluid approach, enmeshing countless fibrous layers into its structure.”



Sea Urchin ~ Yaqaza

“Sea Urchin is the Berlin-based brainchild of the Italian Francesco Cavaliere and the Egyptian-Austrian Leila Hassan. Being core members of the underground, they already released a 7” in 2012 on D.A.S., a tape in 2014 on Stenze Quo, and Cavaliere recently released two solo-LP’s on Hundebiss.

Yaqaza is their long-awaited vinyl debut. The duo surprises with a multicoloured, mystic and intriguing collage of deconstructed pop hits, Italian music concrète, King Tubby-like dub and Algerian Rai.

It is no coincidence that Yaqaza is Arabic for ‘daydream, reverie’. The record is a virtual reality labyrinth in which you wander around sleepwalking, constantly opening new doors and sliding between tableaux vivants. The poetic vocals by Hassan, alternately in Arabic and English, is an absent guide that takes you to ethereal micro-cosmoses. Dubby baselines, a cold drum computer, analog electronics and subtle tape collages come together in an intriguing and wondrous web of unravelling side plots.”

Kraak ©